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Advice: Acoustics

Quiet Mark - What it is and how to achieve it

Different product types obviously operate in different ways. We wouldn’t expect to be able to compare chain saw noise levels directly with fridges, for example. Hence the brief of the QM assessment experts is to establish whether a candidate is ‘relatively quiet for what it is’. Within a category, the biggest differences in noise level are also achieved from differences in the way the products work. Quiet PCs, for example, have no cooling fan or spinning hard drive, so the two dominant noise generators have been removed completely. More subtle differences, achieved by incorporating noise control in the product development cycle, are due to engineering improvements, more efficient motors, fan profiles and other moving parts, smoother bearings, stiffened and damped cases, housings and so on. 

In this article:

  1. Quiet Mark in building insulation

  2. Designing with Quiet Mark

  3. Specifying for Quiet Mark

  4. Reviewing and applying for Quiet Mark

Quiet Mark in building insulation

Most noise control adds cost and weight to the product. The more elegant solutions minimise these ‘burdens’ on the product. After all, sound energy emissions are a by-product of an energy loss process – friction in one form or another, so the more efficiently and smoothly a product can be design to operate, the quieter it ought to be!

Quiet Mark Solutions status is awarded to Rockwool's range of smart and sustainable insulation products for the construction industry, based on the company's innovative stone wool technology which provides superior acoustics, fire resistance and durability making the products highly sustainable and efficient in protecting against noise pollution; also for its company-wide environmental policy dedicated to minimising waste, preventing pollution, for operating an ISO 14001 accredited environmental management system, for the 97% recyclability of its products and for the company’s commitment to continual improvement and innovation.

Soundproof your building with insulation
Soundproof your building with insulation

Soundproof your building with insulation

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation delivers superior acoustic performance
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