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Release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living

Release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living

We are committed to empowering everyone to rise to the development challenges of modern living. By using stone, one of the world's most abundant natural resources, you can have a lasting impact across generations.

From classrooms to stadiums, land to landmarks, people need spaces not only to dream big, but to act on those dreams, making the world a better place for everyone.

This commitment is set in stone.


The ROCKWOOL Group’s product portfolio is perfectly placed to tackle many of today’s biggest sustainability and development challenges. From energy consumption to noise pollution, water scarcity to flooding, our solutions help ourcustomers address many of the big issues of modern living.

Our range of products reflects the diversity of the world’s needs, supporting our stakeholders in reducing their own footprint along the way.


Our values are the basis of our management philosophy, our thinking and the way we act. They help us in a number of ways by:

  • Making it possible to conduct our business and decide quickly and efficiently without bureaucracy.
  • Determining the way we do business, the way we work together and the way we want to be perceived by our surroundings and
  • Determining the quality level of the way we behave within the boundaries of our 'Principles of Leadership' programme and Group policies.


We are honest by being true to ourselves and approach our surroundings in the same way in the interest of the Group. We keep a keen eye on detecting difficulties.


We are responsible when acting with respect for the interests of all our stakeholders. We are at all times accountable for our actions aware that we are ambassadors of the ROCKWOOL Group and representatives of its brand values.


We are efficient by taking the necessary time to do our homework properly as thorough preparation takes us a big step towards our goals. Once the decision has been taken, we execute fast under the motto “do, don’t excuse” and communicate accurately.


We are passionate by believing and taking pride in what we do. We influence our surroundings internally as well as externally with energy that shows we care about our job, colleagues, customers and partners. 


We are entrepreneurial by constantly seeking new opportunities and ways to improve and succeed. We encourage each other in every part of the organisation to develop new ideas and exploit them. We accept that mistakes can be made.